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Norwegian Parliamentary Election 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017
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The Norwegian electoral system is based on the principles of direct election and proportional representation in multi-member electoral divisions.

Direct election means that the electors vote directly for representatives of their constituency by giving their vote to an electoral list.

Proportional representation means that the representatives are distributed according to the relationship to one another of the individual electoral lists in terms of the number of votes they have received.

Both political parties and other groups can put up lists at elections

In parliamentary elections Norway is divided into 19 constituencies corresponding to the counties, including the municipal authority of Oslo, which is a county of its own.

The number of members to be returned to the Storting is 169.

The members are allocated to the constituencies according to the area of the county and the size of its population.

Nineteen seats – one seat from each county – are allocated as seats at large.

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